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If you have suicidal thoughts, pick up the phone and call:1-800-784-2433 from anywhere in the U.S; or call 911 for help.
About Online Counseling
The mental health industry has recently begun offering web-based services to its patients. Online counseling is a rapidly growing subset of the counseling field, in fact, allowing clients to communicate with professionals via live chat, phone or email.

Like in traditional counseling, online counseling provides individuals with direct access to experienced professionals. In addition, online counseling is convenient, effective, affordable and most of all available 24 hours a day, from the privacy of your own home. Since you never have to leave the comfort of home to meet with your counselor, there’s no need to worry about running into a familiar face on the way in or out of a clinic.

Many people find turning to the Internet for online counseling to be a great way to deal with their problems. Some people opt for counseling on an ongoing basis, while for others, a single session related to a specific issue is exactly what they need. The choice is yours!
Our Clients say:
"Thank you for your constructive advice. You helped me take control of my life and finally move forward."
Danny, San Diego
"My counselor was non-judgmental, calming and very helpful. Thanks for providing help when I needed it most."
Susan, Chicago
"Thank you for giving me perspective. I am looking forward to continuing the learning process together."
Alexis, Vancouver